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JL MAG won“The Long-term Cooperation Award” by Goldwind Technology

On February 27, 2020, JL MAG won the "long-term cooperation award" awarded by Goldwind Technology.

Since its supply to Goldwind Technology in 2010, JL MAG has gone hand in hand and has gone through an extraordinary course of ten years. As a strategic supplier of long-term cooperation, JL MAG has been highly recognized by Goldwind Technology for its insistence on product quality and service quality.

Goldwind Technology is an important strategic customer of JL MAG. In many years of cooperation services, JL MAG has been consistent, strictly controlled in quality, delivered on time and attentively serviced, which has provided important assistance for the high-quality development and continuous growth of Goldwind.

JL MAG continued to implement the concept of "high quality development" and deeply optimized the capacity planning and layout of rare earth permanent magnet. Through lean management, the advantage of capacity is transformed into the advantage of quality, delivery, and service. JL MAG will continue to support Goldwind Technology to glorify together, jointly start the journey, and jointly develop a better tomorrow for wind power.



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